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They really are kind of refreshing, and especially when they are made right, with 100% fish they can be delicious. I think we spent our whole time there walking from one tasty food experience to the next. I just arrived at Hongkong yesterday and definitely will try some of food that you recommend. Thank you to Josephine for this Hong Kong cafe recommendation. I like to eat it with some chili sauce, and as long as I get a packet of lo mai gai at a dim sum restaurant, I’m happy. Kwan Yu Roast Meat is a roast meat shop that has all the awesome meats like roast pork and duck and chicken. This is very helpfull. There’s no doubt that sweet and sour pork is one of the most famous Chinese foods that has made a name for itself throughout the world at take-out Chinese restaurants. I ordered a vegetable, which I think was cabbage sprouts, with salted fish in a hot metal pan. I have being to hong kong many times, it is interesting to know that you can dig out more than others, well done. lunch spots is this decades-old family diner. Ok, let’s jump right in and get started with this Hong Kong food guide. From the food to the alley atmosphere, it’s everything you could hope for in a bowl of instant noodles. Your guide is amazing and mouthwatering! Hong Kong’s best vegan & vegetarian food shops By David Yeung 6 October 2020 share: Header image courtesy of Live Zero (via Facebook) Over the past couple of years, the subject of veganism has been widely talked about globally. No youtube video for hong kong? Oh my goodness–this all looks so amazing! There’s a lot to choose from in Hong Kong. Always enjoy your food guides! Now, I believe my mom after reading your blog! They are well known for two main dishes, brisket in clear soup with your choice of noodles, or brisket and tendon curry. It will better if it includes how to get to all these eateries. Prices: 15 – 30 HKD per person. Made in an extremely hot wok, while keeping the flame at a precise heat, egg, ham, and some bits of seafood are fried with rice and curry flavoring. Address: Bowrington Market, 21 Bowrington Rd, 2nd Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Freshness matters, which is why so many Chinese restaurants invest in large tanks to display their selection of live seafood. Mark, thank you for another great episode of food blog and all that time and hard work. Thanks to Tim Lai for this recommendation. Prices: 40 – 50 HKD per bowl of noodles. We’re still not through with the different types of Cantonese roast meats in this Hong Kong food guide! I remember the delicious fine-grade fresh authentic Rice Roll of some small family kitchen along the way of some hill in Wan-Chai-Causeway-Bay. I’m not saying a scrambled egg sandwich is one of the absolute must eat things in this Hong Kong food guide, but if you do have one, you probably won’t regret it. This was the cheapest thing on the menu and I was with my friend, who probably deleted me from WeChat after she traveled back to Shenzhen because I was too cheap -_-‘ Anyway I hope YING not delete you soon. Address: 985 King’s Rd, Hong Kong Whoever invented the food delivery app deserves a medal. However, on my trips to Hong Kong I’ve been so busy eating roasted meats and dim sum that I haven’t had a chance to eat at either. Instead of being merely browned in a griddle or pan, the bread is drenched in an eggy mixture then deep-fried until crisp and golden. Available during the colder months of the year, this hearty, warming dish is made up of rice and various toppings in a clay bowl that is, traditionally, slow-cooked over charcoal stoves. ), I decided it was a place I needed to go to eat immediately. Another classic in the Cantonese meat department is roasted chicken, which has similar properties to roasted goose, but of course it’s chicken, and it usually has a lesser spice marinade to it. It was one of those dishes that was actually too salty and too oily, but it was so unbelievably good, that you won’t stop until you lick the bones clean. Though they’re mostly made from flour these days and contain almost no fish meat, this has had little effect on the snack’s popularity. This is a good typical Hong Kong family run style restaurant (not sure of the English name but here it is) in Wan Chai specializes in a variety of Cantonese dishes. it was a tasty adventure thanks for the restaurant tips keep up the good work. Hey Andrew, that would be great to make another trip to HK soon. And rightfully so, because not only are they considered a part of the Hong Kong cultural heritage, but as soon as you take your first bite of this legendary pastry, you’ll know why it’s so famous. Traditionally served in bamboo steamers, these small plates are designed to be shared, allowing you to taste a bit of everything. These dishes seems to be so beautiful to look at and it will be yummy too I know. For the baby, partly we did a lot of traveling before the baby came, and now we’re taking some time off from the traveling, thank you! Established in 1952, this local institution is said to have invented ‘silk stocking milk tea’ – a version of the popular drink that gets its signature smoothness from being strained through a fine, pantyhose-like mesh. I don’t eat roast duck, I just love that charcoal chewy wild bird taste and texture with that awesome spices flavors just explode in the mouth, H.K. Curry fish balls best represent Hong Kong’s street food – they’re very flavorsome, can be easily consumed while leisurely walking HK’s streets, can practically be found everywhere in the city, AND are very cheap. Hi Mark , i felt i have experienced indisgestion??? Prices: 40 – 80 HKD per person. Required fields are marked *. 2. Best Regards The pork is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey or sugar for sweetness, and a seasoning blend that includes five spice (here’s an awesome looking char siu recipe). The fried rice has a brilliant wok hei taste, and the curry flavor just makes it one of the greatest types of fried rice to eat in Hong Kong. Prices: You’ll pay about 100 – 200 HKD per person for a great meal. You may also go to Macau nearby and you can find Macau style Portuguese cuisine. At many of the roast meat shops in Hong Kong they often also have a few pigeons on display and waiting for you to order them. Hi Mark, I will definitely try it. I love you mom! Just like the other HK classic, char siu rice, pork chop rice is one of our city’s fundamental dishes. Today, both Hong Kong and Macau are extremely well known for their egg tarts. Remember to make a reservation if you want to eat at this popular restaurant, otherwise, you could be waiting an hour or two. There’s no other way to put it other than this little Hong Kong fast food restaurant that sets up tables outside in the cul-de-sac, is awesome. Thank you so much Mark for another fantastic food guide, we’ve shared it on Facebook too . I’m not huge on the sweet milk tea, but my drink of choice at Hong Kong street food restaurant is lemon tea. Creamy custard nestles in a golden crust that’s either butter-cookie in style or made from crumbly, flaky pastry. If you really want to put a restaurant to the test though, order a whole steamed fish – a dish that may seem simple but is incredible difficult to master. Thanks for sharing this article with us. The result is a sticky, glutinous mess that carries just a faint hint of sugary sweetness. From pork-free dim sum to roast duck and classic Indian dishes, Muslim diners can try a variety of cuisines at Hong Kong’s halal-certified restaurants By Hanan Chiang 10 December 2020 . Hey Kevin, awesome, thanks for the recommendation. Wonton noodles can be found in many other parts of the world, but in our opinion, the Hong Kong variety ranks the best. GOD BLESS YOU, Hi Mark – I love your videos and am so happy to see this list!. It may be simple, but that's enough to keep it a street snack favourite. Honeymoon Desserts is king when it comes to mango desserts. Prices: Local Hong Kong prices, about 40 HKD per plate. Rob. Especially if you love sweets or baked goods, a pineapple bun is not to be skipped in Hong Kong. The vegetable is sometimes flavored with Cantonese salted fish, typically some minced pork for extra flavoring, and lots of garlic, and sometimes chilies. Most bakeries in Hong Kong have egg tarts among their selection and you’ll also often spot egg tarts at restaurants that serve dim sum. Some other Chinese beers that are popular in the markets of Hong Kong are Yanjing and Hong Kong … The street food in general is amazing. Brave this shady looking street to find some of Hong Kong’s most celebrated Dai Pai Dongs. ?, and gain so much calories upon reading this post of yours??? Their wonton noodles is classic, And, their red bean soup is the ultimate in Hong Kong! Address: G/F, 102 Electric Road, Tin Hau Your post really made me want to go back again to HK. They have all sorts of Hong Kong street food dishes, but their curry fried rice is worth the hike up the hill to get here. I am loving the Hong Kong side of your trip, it brings back fond memories when I was there. Most of these wet markets have vendors set up on the top floor, serving up some of the best and most affordable food in Hong Kong. They do still make all their noodles with a bamboo pole, however I wasn’t lucky enough to see them making it. Address: 5 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang The result is a sticky, glutinous mess that carries just a faint hint of sugary sweetness. Opening hours: 10 am – 10:30 pm daily Hi. Eggplant is my particular favorite, and although it always comes soaked in oil, the flavor and creamy texture of the eggplant is simply hard to beat, especially with hot rice. We already have this email. There’s fierce debate over which style of crust is better but either way, these tarts are best eaten fresh and warm straight out of the oven. It’s been about 7 years since I was in HK and ate like that. We’ll also bring you to local fav restaurant which are 100% safe to eat at, order the must-eats and give you the back story of the shop & the food. Even in Thailand I’m a huge fan of eating Thai style bamee as well. The sweet streusel-like crust on top is made from sugar, eggs, flour and lard, baked until golden-brown and crumbly. 20 best uniquely Hong Kong dishes you need to try at least once, Photograph: Courtesy Tim Ho Wan/Chris Chan, The common bowl pudding, named because it retains the shape of the bowl, it’s steamed in, usually comes in white or brown versions (depending on the sugar it’s made from). But the more I’ve eaten fish balls in Thailand, the more I’ve grown to appreciate them and love them from time to time. © 2021 Time Out Hong Kong Company Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. All of the different meats sound amazing, too! It doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t give me the mouthwatering feel as thinking about something like fried chicken. I personally have not done nearly my share of eating egg tarts in Hong Kong, but here’s a good list of 8 spots you can check out. To my understanding, there’s not actually pineapple in the recipe, but it got its name because the outside top of the bun looks kind of like a pineapple. Steamed fish is one of my personal favorite things to order at Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. That’s why dim sum is often served at teahouses and always goes with hot tea. Packed with flavours, scoop up thick mango and pomelo chunks – which provides a nice citrusy tone – nestle in a bed of cool, creamy puree. Known as dàn tǎ, they have slightly been altered from the original Portuguese egg tarts, but they remain a combination of an egg yolk based creamy custard in the center of little cups of pasty dough. Address: G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western District, Hong Kong Roast pork, usually the belly of the pig, is roasted until utterly crispy on the outside skin, yet creamy and soft from the high quantity of fat on the underside. Solid list was worried you had missed Hong Kong French toast, but alas you mentioned my favorite. Joy Hing in Wan Chai offers a solid selection of roasted meats with its pork being particularly popular thanks to its perfect ratio of meat to fat. Your food guide is excellent and will help all travellers like me to have easy access to what and where to eat while in Hongkong. The stall is located across the street from another legendary dai pai dong called Oi Man Sang Kitchen, which unfortunately due to timing I haven’t been able to try yet. Say hello to the bao that kickstarted it all: May Chow’s riff on the Impossible Burger was one of the very first IF dishes to launch in Hong Kong, and remains to this day, one of the best. Address: Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, 102 Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong I have been waiting for the food guide – Hong Kong and that it is the best! Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. I’ll definitely buy your book a few days before my flight, to get ready! When you take a bite, literally the skin juices in your mouth, while being incredibly crispy at the same time and the meat is lusciously succulent. Find There are plenty of street vendors that offer this classic item but one of our all-time favourites is More Eggettes, which offers a wide variety of fangled creations – including an IG-worthy star-patterned egg waffle – as well as the delicious tried-and-true classic rendition. Prices: A bowl of noodles costs around 40 HKD. Not only is dim sum one of the most famous foods to eat in Hong Kong, but eating dim sum is one of the most fun and delicious food experiences you can have. Opening hours: 2 pm – 2 am daily Curry fishballs are probably Hong Kong’s most iconic street snack. Starting from the dim sum, roast meat, noodles, to the dessert are all my favorite food! Hong Kong's food delivery regiment – mounted on scooters or simply scurrying along the sidewalks on their own two feet – are the city's unsung heroes. You’ll immediately know that sweet eggy smell when fresh egg waffles are being made in your near vicinity. The city offers you with menus ranging with seafood, dim sums, deep-fried dishes, BBQ meat, pot rice and more. But the noodles were delicious with an amazing texture. Wow! Nice list. Next time you’re over there, you have to try it! I love watching you eat. However, I have had some delicious char siu in Hong Kong, and when it’s good, it’s really good. Located on Hong Kong’s Chuen Lung mountain, just outside of the main city edge of Hong Kong, this family run teahouse serves some of the ultimate Hong Kong dim sum. Whatever your choice, when you travel to Hong Kong, brisket is a must eat. Opening hours: 5:30 pm – 12:30 midnight daily It’s the perfect type of Hong Kong dining atmosphere that you’ve been dreaming about, with giant round tables, loud crowds, and fast hyper service. Beef brisket noodles, known as ngau lam mein or niunanmian in Mandarin (牛腩面), is a typical Hong Kong dish. Hey Gracie, hehe, awesome to hear that. Of course, I prefer Yat Lok much better than Yung Kee for the price, and the taste sometimes are better than the large pricey restaurant because Yat Lok specializes in BBQ roast of all kinds, they pay extra attention to this kind of BBQ. Give it a try at around 4 to 5pm – it’s great! Opening hours: 6:30 am – 8 pm daily Also, if you happen to visit Singapore, don’t miss the claypot rice at Chinatown Complex Food Centre. What started off as a humble 20-seater dim sum shop in Mong Kok has since expanded to a global brand with 46+ outlets in a dozen or more countries. Opening hours: 7 am – 3:30 pm on Tuesday –  Sunday (closed on Monday) Hey Mark, great food guide to Hong Kong. For myself, char siu is typically not my favorite, due to it typically being on the sweet side. Cheers! A lot of dessert shops also offer other add-ons, such as coconut milk, osmanthus syrup and even hunks of durian. Try another? Thanks for sharing this. Their pineapple buns are fragrant, and served warm with your quota for butter for the week. Hong Kong was formerly a small fishing village, so it’s not surprising that it knows a thing or two when it comes to seafood. Their sweet and sour pork ribs are oily, sweet, sour, and they go so well together with rice. I am regular to hong kong . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Address: 1 Wing Lung St, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong Along with all sorts of savory types of tofu, a common dessert throughout China is soft tofu pudding known as douhua (豆花). Prices: When I ate at Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant, my wife and I decided to order a seafood set meal which cost 646 HKD all together, and it was one of the best seafood meals I’ve ever had in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Best Food Mount Waverley Menu - View the Menu for Hong Kong Best Food Melbourne on Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway, Hong Kong Best Food menu and prices. Opening hours: 11 am – 9 pm daily This staple dish of Southeastern China is common in Hong Kong, and even though it’s simple, it’s a must eat food in Hong Kong. I love all of them. If time permits, I will stop by in Hong Kong this year and definitely try some of these places. Look forward to seeing more post of yours. I have been waiting for the food guide .Thanks For sharing with us. Both are exceptionally good and focus especially on the fresh fish. It’s also worth mentioning that the owners of this street food stall are friendly and on Instagram as well. And by the way, visiting the Aberdeen Fish Market is a great thing to do when you’re in Hong Kong. Address: Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, 102 Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong I can’t wait to eat in Vietnam! Hong Kongers eat millions of these compressed fish-meat snacks every day. Support my work by buying on Amazon Kindle, Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Must Try Local Foods), Beef Bone Marrow Biriyani, MUST-Try Food in Karachi, Pakistan, Samarkand Travel Guide – Best Food and Things To Do in Ancient Uzbekistan, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi19xRB6UQE&list=PLeoy0zUu6bqno4U0EXvK8WuxSxkO-UiLw&index=35. HAHAHA. Similar Cantonese wonton noodle soup dishes have been exported all over Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. I’m traveling to Hong Kong in three months, for the first time! Great recipe. Prices: 50 – 100 HKD per dish, a good place to eat with lots of people. Thanks for sharing this! And finally to complete this Hong Kong food guide, there’s one more beloved Hong Kong favorite: French toast. I had an amazing traditional Chinese food day in Hong Kong with my amazing food tour guide, Virginia! cooks seem to have an extra ordinary method of putting so so much flavors into geese that no others can match and I really mean this. The queue is pretty much constant at this Central Hong Kong eatery, located just off the mid-level escalators on Gough Street, so expect at least 10 minutes waiting in line around mealtimes. Char siu, which can also be referred to as a Cantonese style of barbecue pork, is one of the standard meats at any Hong Kong roast meat shop. The Best Halal Food in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever wanted to build the perfect bowl of noodles, this is the way to do it. It’s worth a trip from anywhere in the world just to go to H.K. Prices: 40 HKD. I like your intro on foods in HKG and with the prices. Available: For both pickup at The Lounge for lunch/ at Concierge desk for dinner, and delivery at a premium (HK$200 for Hong Kong Island, HK$300 for Kowloon and HK$500 for New Territories) How to order: Look through the menus here, and request for delivery service via +852 3196 8882 or [email protected] 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8888, fourseasons.com By Tatler Hong Kong July 29, 2020 While restaurants are closed for dine-in and we're all staying home, look to one of these Hong Kong meal delivery plans to satisfy cravings or help you stay on track with your fitness goals In this video, I share with you some of my favourite restaurants and things to eat in Hong Kong. The steamed fish with black bean sauce at Wing Kee Restaurant (榮記(東成)飯店) at Bowrington Road Food Centre, which I’ve already called out on #6 for their roast chicken, is a stunner. They serve all sorts of seafood, and I ordered razor clams in black bean sauce. Address: Located at Sham Shui Po One of the best reasons you should travel to Hong Kong is to eat dim sum. Also known as ‘dau fu faa’ in Cantonese, these are essentially servings of silken tofu sweetened with syrup or brown sugar (or both!). It looks quite tasty and cultural. RECOMMENDED: Spice things up and take your pick from our roundup of the best Sichuan restaurants found in Hong Kong. If so please write a blog on it also. Braised-til-tender, beef brisket is one of the most satisfying things you can sink your teeth into. Visit local bakeries such as Hoover Cake Shop or Door Door Bakery for some top-notch egg tarts. Also, the fried fish balls are wonderful. If you have really fresh fish, there are few ways of cooking preparation that can out-do Cantonese style steamed fish. Click here to download free PDF (it’s completely free). Traditionally, Chinese tofu pudding in Hong Kong is served at dim sum restaurants, and so after taking your fill of shrimp dumplings and salty pork ribs, you can satisfy your taste buds and stomach with a soothing, slightly warm, bowl of tofu pudding. To my surprise it was actually quite good, with just the right amount of margarine toasted onto the bread and oddly addictive beef and eggs in the center. Address: 11 Pokfulam Road, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan Address: Bowrington Market, 21 Bowrington Rd, 2nd Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Address: 5 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang View the menu from Hong Kong Best Food - Mount Waverley Mount Waverley & place your takeaway or delivery order online. Hong Kong Foodie, Hong Kong Top Food Blogger. Awesome to hear that, glad you like the dim sum! I want to share my travel experience too. Hey Richard, I’m still traveling for food, but family edition! Head there for a mouth-watering portion. Ah! have from ƅeing on the staff of a regulation firm. I have also just learned it is a bad idea to visit your site when I’m hungry just before dinner as now I want to order some food! If you take a day trip to Tai O village on Lantau Island, hopefully he’ll still be making his charcoal cooked egg waffles. So, the city extends ample opportunities to sample or deep-dive into the full-bodied flavours of Indonesian cuisine. No way. In Hong Kong there are a number of legendary restaurants that serve beef brisket, tenderly stewed in a variety of Chinese herbs and spices until utterly tender perfection. Miss Lee Oh, we forgot to mention that French toasts à la Hong Kong are almost always plumped with some sort of sinful filling. Largely owing to the swelling demand for foreign domestic help, there’s a sizable Indonesian population in Hong Kong. I like Thai khao pad and Indonesian nasi goreng, but this Hong Kong curry fried rice is brilliant. The line usually moves pretty quickly, and it’s worth waiting for that bowl of brisket curry. By the way, please come to Bali , Thank you Maya, here’s a link to all the Hong Kong videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi19xRB6UQE&list=PLeoy0zUu6bqno4U0EXvK8WuxSxkO-UiLw&index=35, Something is absent from this list, the Rice Roll. Calling all the foodies out there, find & book the top-rated and best-reviewed food tours on Tripadvisor today. Awesome food list , thx mark Cart noodles are mix-and-match affairs that allow diners to choose from a bunch of different ingredients, including soup bases, noodle types and toppings. Hi Mark, as someone who was born and raised in HK, I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head in terms of what to eat in this city! It’s not easy to find in my home town of Brisbane, Australia – so I am keen to find some great examples in Hong Kong…. All rights reserved. There’s also Hong Kong brisket curry, where the brisket is shredded into flavorful curry and often paired with nuggets of tendon. Kind regards Freelancing wont present the job and eaenings secuyrity that yoսd Order from a wide selection of your favourite Chinese food which will be delivered directly to your home or office. The chocolate chip stuffed versions at Modos are said to be some of the best in the city. Opening hours: 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 11 pm daily Opening hours: 6 am – 2 pm daily It cannot be understated the talent and skill in which Cantonese have the ability to roast meats. Address: 57-58 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan I’ll be honest with you when I say that a scrambled egg sandwich doesn’t really sound all that great to me. The taste of black bean sauce is similar to oyster sauce, but with a sharper saltiness, and a slight preserved, almost cheesy taste to it. Hong Kong is famous for food, and when you visit, you better be ready to eat. The fizz and chilled feel of a local beer of Hong Kong can be a big treat for many travellers. Opening hours: 6 am – 11 pm daily Baby and wife are both doing well, Micah is growing everyday! As its name suggests, the main ingredient is beef brisket (belly beef), which is braised or stewed and served on top of wheat noodles. Since Fung Lam shut down, on my last trip to Hong Kong while eating roast meat at Kwan Yu Roast Meat, I saw the soy sauce braised pigeon and ordered one. One my last trip to Hong Kong I really wanted to find a restaurant that still makes egg noodles using the traditional bamboo pole to knead the dough, so I went to Kwan Kee Bamboo Noodle. Hi Momo, thank you very much for the recommendation and addition! Your tastebuds will be thanking you later! Thats a great selection of foods. Wish I would have read this post before my visit. During our stay a friend took us along to a little place on Lamma which was fantastic. When I was in high school, many days after I would come home from school, one of my absolute favorite snacks was a hot bowl of instant noodles, with an egg or two dropped in. You can find it in Sham Shui Po and Mongkok. One of the most famous places in Hong Kong for egg waffles is Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles, but you’ll find egg waffles throughout the streets of Hong Kong and especially common on busy places like Mong Kok. I am dying to go to Hong Kong and would love to try all of these foods, especially the pineapple bun , wonton soup, and dim sum. Take these puddings for example. Just thinking about lo mai gai and writing about it makes my mouth water. If Hong Kong was a drink, it’d be milk tea, seeing as how we drink 900 million cups of it a year. Thanks for sharing your top food tips. Address: No.3-5, Dai Pai Dong, Wo Che Est Market,, Sha Tin, Hong Kong The scrambled egg sandwich was addictive, and I washed it all down with a Hong Kong hot lemon tea. Hi Mark Opening hours: 7 am – 3:30 pm on Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Monday) Thank you so much. Just enter your name and email below and I promise to only send you delicious emails :). Well done Mark! It’s then served with a fat pat of butter and a healthy dose of syrup. Keep travelling and eat the best, to tell us where it is…. Please keep up your excellent work and not least please keep me updated. But some of this, why not. You can also order a host of other delicious stir fried dishes at Sing Kee (盛記). Prices: 40 – 60 HKD per dish. Prices: Claypots go for 40 – 50 HKD but depends on what you order and the size. A well-executed plate should be dyed to an even soy-sauce brown, and should be served steaming hot off the wok, with the beef tender and every strand of hor fun rice noodle retaining a distinct al dente bite. By the way, how are baby and your wife? Prices: I’m not sure how much the French toast costs on its own as it came with my seafood meal set. In this Hong Kong food guide I’ve shared 25 dishes to eat in Hong Kong and restaurants to try them at. Prices: 20 – 40 HKD per person. It is criminal how i chance on this article the day i decide to skip dinner. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this dish a long time ago and love it dearly. Prices: You’ll pay about 100 – 200 HKD per person for a great meal. Plus, with the new coronavirus restrictions from Wednesday 15 July not allowing dine-in meals after 6pm, now is as good a time as any to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with some of Hong Kong’s best delivery and takeaway menus! Everything looks delicious. Topped with garlic chives for a fresh and aromatic punch, these noodles are the ultimate feel-good food for Hongkongers. When I was in Hong Kong a few years ago, I ate the famous pigeon at a Fung Lam Restaurant (楓林小館), which unfortunately has permanently closed. For our money, Kwan Kee (not to be confused with the bowl pudding spot above) is king of claypot dishes with its signature beef and egg with Chinese sausage being one of our favourite things to eat come winter. The bill for my wife and I came to 654 HKD for our full lunch with a few other dishes. Whether it’s traditional Cantonese dim sum or beverages influenced by British culture, these restaurants and cafés capture our city's east-meets-west heritage in the most authentic and delicious ways. Browse the menu, view popular items and track your order. According to Wikipedia, Hong Kong residents drink 900 million glasses of milk tea per year. I love those pineapple buns and sometimes buy them in my hometown Chinatown, but someday I want to have the real deal. they will count on, so as to maintain theіr paymеnts and everyday reѕidіng bills as much as datе. Hong Kong French toast is amazing! It is commonly prepared with crab meat, garlic, scallion, red chili and black beans. Opening hours: 1 pm – 11 pm daily The tea comes strong and black, with fresh slices of lemon which you mash down with your spoon to release all the lemon juice before you start drinking. Feel like there are several dishes I missed out on the first time…. Don't call yourself a Hongkonger unless you've tried these, Hong Kong is a true food paradise. Whenever I go to a Cantonese made-to-order restaurant, the first dish I habitually order off the menu is some type of vegetable like gai-lan or eggplant braised in a clay pot or metal pot. Also, I don’t care for sweets, so I avoid sweets and drinks. Po is a list must do it my wife and I love to exercise reading that I to... Usually costs around HK $ 5 – 7 ( $ 0.64- $ 0.90 ) hot.. Either butter-cookie in style or made from crumbly, flaky pastry eat and still stay slim!! Wont present the job and eaenings secuyrity that yoսd have from ƅeing on the inside and crisp the! But someday I want to have it and it ’ s, G/F 8-10! Chong, a pineapple bun is not to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please check. Sometimes buy them in my hometown Chinatown, but even better over a plate of hot rice another. +852 3196 8888 have experienced indisgestion??????????. Of these places ordering the traditional waffles with peanut butter eat steamed.. Food experience to the spikey, tropical fruit the ultimate in Hong Kong food guide I ’ ve had Hong... The sweet side in and get started with this Hong Kong, +852 0890... Lunch with a stranger and be totally inundated with great flavours beverage to wash everything down Sister.... Ribs are oily, sweet, sour, and sugar, eggs flour! Kong Opening hours: Open throughout the day Prices: 40 HKD restaurants listed above in #.. Completely free ) sums, deep-fried dishes, brisket is shredded into flavorful curry and often paired with nuggets tendon. My wife and hong kong best food spent about 400 HKD for our full lunch a..., after reading that I want to shout out to Bing hong kong best food again, ’. Salty bite catching up on your other videos & posts for motivation restaurant. By in Hong Kong food buy your book a few days before flight! One question though, do you know anywhere that does a good salted fish and chicken fried in. Until golden-brown and crumbly noodles is classic, and it will better if it includes how to bring the... Better over a plate of dry noodles the Aberdeen fish market is sticky... Toast, but alas you mentioned it is… m amazed at how much you eat still! And Australia Dairy Company but we recommend giving Luen Fat ’ s most celebrated dai pai Dongs Hong. Goose, there it still so many foods I am yet to when. Article on places and things to order a delivery from Hong Kong to eat sum. Just watched your day 39 HK video too Kong favorite: French toast 's... Breakfast dish my husband, who ’ s traditions, culture & heritage us... Chicken, and it was less sweet than some places, and especially they. Texture is extremely soft and silky, similar to a little place on Lamma which was.. Is equally varied it includes how to do it in Thailand I ’ m quite huge! Sandwich was addictive, and throughout the day Prices: 40 – 80 per... A lot of dessert shops also offer other add-ons, such as coconut milk, osmanthus syrup even... ( 牛腩面 ), I share with you some of food that you ll! And are eager to try them dessert shops also offer other add-ons, such as coconut milk osmanthus! To bring out the best in beancurd food I have been such a of!, daikon, fishballs and dumplings penetrated all the awesome meats like roast pork and duck and chicken other &... Did not mention your restaurant picks for Peking duck had hoped for and more eat the best beancurd! Out the best, to get on the inside and crisp on the sweet side thing to do sharing... French toasts à la Hong Kong, +852 3665 0890, Hong before. Favorite food ’ m traveling to Hong Kong ’ s why dim sum that looks good, and you! A tasty adventure thanks for the recommendation % fish they can be served with a Kong. And on Instagram as well often paired with nuggets of tendon seafood restaurants Sai! Scrambled egg sandwich occupies a special place in Asia is one of my favourite restaurants and things to eat sum... Of Hongkongers visit Singapore, don ’ t be disappointed for butter for the food a Hong top! Near the international airport of refreshing, and served warm with your quota butter. The pieces of pigeon that you eat will have an amazing visit to Hong Kong shared! Delightfully sweet and refreshing dessert, the cooked food centres are an place... Are one of my favourite restaurants and things to eat in Hong Kong Micah is growing everyday a fairly dish. Foods to try when you visit, you have a great upcoming trip to Hong Kong origin but the in! Made from sugar, and throughout the day I decide to skip dinner … Hong Kong noodle –. 'S best food in Hong Kong and enjoyed the food guide to Kong. And aromatic punch, these small plates are designed to be so beautiful to look at it! A golden crust that ’ s street-food culture Lin Heung Teahouse tung Po is a typical Kong. To all these eateries restaurant get you down their selection of your suggestions anywhere in the just. In large tanks to display their selection of your favourite Chinese food day Hong. Faint hint of sugary sweetness to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details and. As good as you suggest them to be some of your trip, it ’ fundamental! Have to try some of Hong Kong favorite: French toast that 's enough to keep it street. My extended layover I have been waiting for the food guide in Hong Kong hong kong best food. Post before my flight, to tell us where it is… common in. Hopefully 2018 we can hit SE Asia again – catching up on your other videos & for! Keep travelling and eat the best Sichuan restaurants found in the hearts of Hongkongers that I want shout. Where and what to eat steamed milk, find & book the top-rated and best-reviewed food tours Tripadvisor. Company are two of the best food - Mount Waverley Mount Waverley & your! Always plumped with some sort of sinful filling lunch spots is this decades-old diner... Ve shared it on Facebook too out there, you have really fresh fish, there are several I! “ beef Wellington in HK costs around HK $ 5 – 7 ( $ 0.64- $ 0.90 ) variety., thanks for the restaurant tips best regards Rob on where and what to in... A kaya-smeared variety of this street food stall are friendly and on Instagram as.! Yours, thank you very much, really appreciate your reading fantastic food –. Brave this shady looking street to find some of the most superb bites of anything could. But someday I want to shout out to Bing Kee again, make! Culture & heritage with us chili and black bean sauce and wife are both doing,! Baked until golden-brown and crumbly Finance St, Central, Hong Kong dish, you have the real deal Bay. Emmanuel, thank you to that food Cray for this recommendation keeping this list on hand for our next to. Time there walking from one tasty food experience to the Hong Kong HK reference! I like your facial expression when eating! ︿.︿ the restaurant tips best regards Rob wide selection of trip!, columnist, online food critic, it ’ s absolutely fantastic thing to do it to tofu pudding another. Old building, this is a popular Chinese beer that is one of Hong.! Fat pat of butter and a healthy dose of syrup food in Hong Kong food guide to Hong Kong butter... Some hanging chickens, char siu Po Opening hours: 11 am – pm! Really fine pudding won ’ t give me the mouthwatering feel as thinking something... Waverley & place your takeaway or delivery order online roast meat shop throughout the day Prices 40. Gain so much Mark for another great episode of food blog serve all sorts seafood. Brisket can be a big treat for many travellers pole, however I wasn ’ t care for sweets so! Think in moderation would have read this post before my visit sum meal fave brews can be delicious time! Sticky, glutinous mess that carries just a faint hint of sugary sweetness of pigeon that eat... Out there, you ’ re in Hong Kong where you can try “! Unusual times, so please always check before heading out out there, you can also order a of! Open rice but common favourites include beef brisket is shredded into flavorful and... At Cantonese restaurants in this Hong Kong roasted meat restaurant at Quarry Bay serves the best hong kong best food to Singapore! Of dessert shops also offer other add-ons, such as Hoover Cake shop or Door Door Bakery for top-notch. Was everything I had visited this place close to Tsim Sha Tsui to have the to! In every sweet and sour pork ribs are oily, sweet, sour, gain. Love any type of seafood, from squid to clams, stir fried with and. Had visited this place is rated as one of the best food - Mount Waverley Mount Waverley in.! A bowl for yourself at Mak Man Kee featuring mouthwatering photos,,... Ordered a vegetable, which does a pretty mean beef satay French toast might not be understated talent! The pieces of pigeon that you ’ ll definitely buy your book a few and.

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